About us

Tyréns Group Management

Johan Dozzi

President and CEO of Tyréns AB

Born 1969. Employed 2017.

Background: CEO Sweco Civil AB, CEO Sweco Infrastructure AB

Birgitta Olofsson


Born 1958. Employed 2002.

Background: Department Head of Infrastructure at the eastern regional office, Head of research and development at VAI VA-Projekt

Klas Rewelj


Born 1972. Employed 2015.

Background: CFO CGI, Management, Finance and IT at Falck, Munters

Cecilia Granath

MD Sweden

Born 1973. Employed 2001.

Background: Regional Manager East at Tyréns AB

Simon Giles

MD England

Born 1974. Employed 2018.

Background: Global Head of the Cities Industry Segment at Accenture